How Often Should You Clean Baseboards, Dust Mini Blinds & Vacuum Curtains?

Sandra Rousseau

Cleaning your mini blinds, baseboards and curtains are some of those chores that aren't often at the forefront of your mind. With piles of laundry, dirty dishes, messy floors and dusty furniture commanding so much attention, forgetting about those areas of your home that are much less noticeable is easy.

Dust you mini blinds at least twice a month.

While you don't need to clean these areas as often, you should do so on a regular basis.

Cleaning Baseboards

According to the Readers Digest website's "Ultimate Housecleaning Calendar," you should clean your baseboards once a month. This chore is not too time consuming if you simply vacuum the baseboards with a brush attachment. A quick sweep along the baseboard, especially the top edge where dust settles, is all that is necessary. For scuff marks or spills, dust the baseboards first with a vacuum, then wipe them with a rag dipped in warm water. Use an erasing sponge for stubborn scuffs.

Dusting Mini Blinds

Make it a point to dust mini blinds weekly or twice a month. They're easy to overlook, but the point of cleaning them as often as you dust is to keep the mini-blinds from getting overly dirty and turning into a big cleaning chore. If they're not too dirty, give them a quick going-over with the vacuum and brush attachment or a manual blinds duster, or quickly sweep a large electrostatic duster over the entire surface of the blinds.

Vacuuming Curtains

Give your curtains a quick vacuuming or dusting every time you clean a room or run the vacuum. Remove everyday dust with your vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment, paying special attention to the tops, where the most dust settles. If your curtains touch the floor, they may be mopping up floor dust or pet hair, so give the bottoms of your curtains special attention as well. Do not spray dusting cleaners on your curtains, as the oils will stain them. Launder or dry-clean your curtains only when they have spills or stains, as frequent washing can ruin your curtains. Additionally, taking them down and putting them back up is a big chore.

Other Considerations

The specified frequencies for cleaning baseboards, mini blinds and curtains are simply experts' general recommendations. Depending upon your family, lifestyle and home's location, you may find that you need to clean more or less frequently. For example, if you have indoor pets that shed, or family members with allergies, you should clean more often. If you have children and lots of in-and-out traffic or if you live in a dry, windy area, dust and dirt are likely to accumulate in your home more quickly. On the other hand, if you are an adult who lives alone in an apartment with mostly pavement just outside your door, you can probably get away with doing these chores less regularly.