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How to Clean Polyester Fiber in the Washing Machine

Jennifer Magnesi

Keep your synthetic fibers, such as polyester, clean and fresh using a washing machine, detergent and fabric softener. Washing polyester fibers with a washing machine is a simple process that requires only the basic temperature and machine usage guidelines.

Check the care label of your polyester fabrics or garments to be sure you are following the correct care instructions.

  1. Turn the dial of your washing machine to warm water and turn on the machine. Add an appropriate amount of all-purpose laundry detergent to the washing machine, which will depend on how large of a load you have.

  2. Turn the polyester fiber material inside-out and place it in the washing machine with any other fabrics or garments you plan to wash and close the lid.

  3. Add fabric softener to your wash load during the rinse cycle for added softness. The amount to use will depend on how much laundry you have going, so look at the label of your fabric softener container.

  4. Tumble-dry on the low once the washing machine is finished. Remove the polyester from the dryer as soon as it is complete to reduce the amount of shrinkage.