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How to Get Mold Off Leather Saddle Bags

Kimbry Parker

Finding mold on your leather saddle bags is disheartening. Not only is mold unsightly, but it will also continue to spread and may even deteriorate the leather if left untreated.

Remove mold from leather saddle bags at first sight so it doesn't spread or destroy the leather.

Whether the saddle bags are for your motorcycle, bicycle or your horse, it is important to clean mold off at first sight to protect the integrity of the leather. Take care when removing mold from leather saddle bags so as not to damage the leather.

  1. Brush the leather saddle bags with a dry soft-bristled scrub brush to remove any loose mold. Do this outdoors so mold spores are not released into your home.

  2. Mix equal parts rubbing or denatured alcohol and warm water in a clean, empty spray bottle. Spray the moldy leather with the solution.

  3. Wipe the leather with a white, lint-free rag to remove the mold. Switch to clean portions of the rag often, and apply more of the alcohol solution as necessary until the mold is gone. Allow the saddle bags to air-dry out of the sun.

  4. Mix a solution of warm water and a few squirts of mild dish soap in a bucket if the mold is persistent. Use your hands to form thick soap suds.

  5. Dip a white, lint-free cloth into the bucket to scoop out the suds. Use as little of the water as possible and scrub the leather until the mold is gone. Wipe over the saddle bags with a damp rag to remove any soap residue and allow them to air-dry thoroughly.