How to Remove Mold in Mobile Homes

Steve Smith

Mold is common enemy of any home, including a mobile home. It grows in warm, moist environments, usually in areas where leaks are prominent. The fungus is removed with a fungicide applied right on the affected area.

Mold and fungus grow on rocks and in homes.

The process is effective if conducted properly and the mold is stopped before it becomes too thick and involved in the structure.


Boric acid is often used as a natural alternative to the over-the-counter industrial-strength chemical mold killers. Apply this solution liberally, until the mold is killed.

  1. Remove drywall, carpet or skirting. Mold may be showing only in one room, but it could affect the underside of the mobile home, the interior of the walls, and the roof as well.

  2. Measure the height and width of the affected area, using a tape measure. Measure from one end of the mold to the other using a generous measurement. Multiply the height and width to get your square footage. This will determine how much mold remover to apply.

  3. Apply the mold remover or killer as instructed on the product label. For a home remedy, apply liberally, using an insect sprayer or bottle sprayer. Repeat the process until the mold is completely killed.