How to Remove Mold from Stucco

Stucco home exteriors are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions, where it's very common to find mold on house exteriors due to the heat, humidity and frequent rains. Mold on stucco may look black or brown or even red and orange.

Mld on stucco looks discolored.

It's commonly mistaken for dirt, but unlike dirt, mold on stucco won't wash away with the hose. Stucco mold removal will make your house look like new and will prevent health problems that can arise if one comes into contact with, or breathes in, mold spores. Use this proper method for mold removal.

  1. Rinse dirt and loose debris from the stucco home exterior using a garden hose with sprayer attachment. When finished, turn off the water supply and remove the sprayer attachment. Allow to dry.

  2. Spray on some non-toxic mold remover. It is available at hardware stores, home improvement stores and online. Coat the moldy area heavily and allow it to stay wet on the mold for 15 minutes. The mold will begin to dissolve.

  3. Rinse the mold away with the hose and sprayer attachment. For stubborn mold, scrub the area first with a nylon brush before rinsing.

  4. Tip

    Always use gloves, protective eyewear and a face mask/respirator when removing mold from stucco.