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How to Get Mold off a Maytag Neptune Front Loading Washing Machine

Tiffany Silverberg

The warm, moist environment of a washing machine is, unfortunately, a haven for mold, especially when laundry is left in the tub too long. When mold sets in, however, you can't get clothes fully clean because they will be soiled by the mold. Cleaning the mold out of the washing machine will keep clothes from retaining a moldy stench. It will also kill mold spores so the molding does not continue. You can remove mold and keep it from returning.

  1. Fill a bucket with one part hot water and one part vinegar with a couple drops of dish soap.

  2. Pour a little baking soda onto the spot and scrub the visible mold spots with the sponge dipped into the water.

  3. Rinse the sponge, and dip it into the water again. Scrub the surfaces all around the mold spots as some spores may not be visible to the naked eye.

  4. Pour a few tbsps. of vinegar into the soap dispenser and run a small, hot load if the mold is in the tub of the washer.

  5. Mix a solution of one part water and one part vinegar into the spray bottle. Spray the susceptible area on a regular basis. Immediately wipe it dry with a towel so as not to allow mold to develop.

  6. Keep the door of the washer open after finishing a load of laundry to allow all areas to dry.