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How to Kill House Mold With Enzymes

Lisa Wampler

Mold grows best in dark damp areas like basements and thrives by absorbing minerals, sugars, and water from things such as plants, soil or decaying matter. Enzymes work much in the same way. Enzymes are microscopic molecules that work together to break down organic material such as mold. When applying enzymes to house mold, the enzymes literally eat away at the mold and cause the materials the mold needs to survive to waste away.

  1. Look at all areas of the house where mold is thriving to locate the source of its existence.

  2. Remove the cause of the mold and rid the area of any moisture problems. This may mean fixing a leaky pipe or tending to a crack in the wall or roof. Before killing mold that is already present, you must remove its life source.

  3. Put on goggles, a facemask and rubber gloves for protection from contact with the mold.

  4. Spray enzyme cleaner directly on all areas affected with mold. Do not scrub or rinse, simply allow it to air dry. While it is drying, the enzymes will work to eat away at the mold.

  5. Inspect the areas you treat with the enzyme cleaner after 24 hours to make sure you did not miss any spots. If you did, repeat the process on the newly discovered areas.