How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothing

Charlotte Johnson

The term "permanent" can make you upset when this type of marker stains your clothing. Fortunately, not all permanent marker stains are impossible to remove.

If you treat permanent marker stains as soon as possible after they occur and you use the right combination of techniques and cleaning products, you have a good chance of removing the ink stain and restoring the appearance of your clothing item.

  1. Place the clothing item on top of a clean, white cloth with the stained side facing upward. Use a cloth that you don't mind getting stained.

  2. Spray the stain with hairspray to dampen it thoroughly.

  3. Fold over the white cloth and press it onto the stain to blot up the moisture and ink. Continue blotting until no more ink is being transferred to the cloth.

  4. Moisten another cloth with cool water and dab the stained area.

  5. Blot the area once more with a dry cloth.

  6. Moisten another cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab it onto the stained area if any ink is remaining.

  7. Blot the alcohol with a dry cloth.