How to Get Blood Out of Bed Sheets

Alicia Bodine

There are many possible causes for blood getting on a bed sheet: a bloody nose, a scratch, psoriasis or menstruation. Whatever the cause, you will need to know the proper way to get the blood stain out. If you use the wrong method you could end up with a permanent stain.


You can also use shampoo that does not contain a conditioner in place of a stain stick.


Never wash your bed sheet with hot water because it set the stains.

  1. Take the sheet and rinse it in a sink with cold water. If the sheet is large, you can do this in your bathtub. If the blood is fresh, the cold water is all you will need to get the blood out.

  2. If the blood has already begun to dry, fill a bucket with a gallon of cold water, add a cup of salt and stir. Place your bed sheet in the bucket and let it sit for three hours. Rinse the bed sheet out with cold water.

  3. Examine the bed sheet to make sure the blood is gone. If it is not you can add two tsp. of ammonia, and four drops of hydrogen peroxide to one pint of cold water. Rub this mixture into the blood spots. This should completely remove the stain.

  4. Use a stain stick if the blood is not 100% removed from the bed sheet. Rub the stain stick directly over the blood and let it sit for at least 20 minutes before you wash your bed sheets.

  5. Wash your sheets in cold water and then dry as usual.