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How to Fold a Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

Kristi Roddey

You've folded your family's clothes, towels, pillowcases and flat sheets. You're left with a pile of fitted sheets. Trying to fold a fitted sheet with deep pockets often leaves you with a lumpy and unattractive stack of linens in the closet. It's difficult to get those pockets to behave. Folding a fitted sheet doesn't have to be a frustrating chore.

Properly folded fitted sheets lead to a crisply made bed.
  1. Grasp the sheet by two the corners of one of the short ends. Stand up so the sheet is not dragging on the ground.

  2. Place each hand inside the pockets of each of the two corners.

  3. Bring your hands together, and fold the corner in your right hand over the one in your left.

  4. Repeat with the other two corners, bringing them together and folding one over the other.

  5. Bring the bottom corners up to meet the top corners, and fold them all over one hand.

  6. Place the folded sheet on a table or the floor, and fold over the edges of the pockets.

  7. Fold the edges of the sheet inward to hide the elastic.

  8. Fold the sheet into a neat rectangle.