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How to Make Bed Sheets Smell Good

Launie Sorrels

Bed bugs create a musty, sweet smell, but the odor can only be detected in heavily infested areas. Sheets can accumulate all kinds of smells from insects, pet dander or just stale air. Whatever odor you may smell, it is most likely not of the fresh variety.

There are better ways to get your sheets smelling nice.

There are several little secrets to keep your sheets smelling good, and the process begins as soon as they leave the dryer. The fabric softener smell will not last long, so give it a little help with a little extra effort on your part.

In the Bed

  1. Keep all of the bedding laundered. Dry on the hottest setting to make sure to kill all stages of bed bugs.

  2. Shower before going to bed. The smell of soap, shampoo and conditioner will leak into the pores of the linen.

  3. Spread baby powder under the bottom sheet. This will absorb odors, act as a cooling agent and place a nice smell in your sheets.

  4. Keep the bedroom well ventilated. Proper ventilation prevents odors from being trapped in the bedroom, and therefore, the sheets.

  5. Keep pets off your bed.

In the Closet

  1. Turn on the linen closet light for an hour a day. The light will help to keep out the moisture by keeping the closet dry.

  2. Leave the linen closet door open to allow ventilation. This serves two purposes: one, it helps to keep the sheets dry; and two, odors are not trapped inside the closet with the sheets.

  3. Place a dryer sheet into the closet to keep your linen smelling fresh.

  4. Place activated charcoal or baking soda into a container, and place the container in the closet. These materials absorb odors.

  5. Warning

    Doing all of “In the Closet” steps at the same time can be counterproductive. Baking soda will absorb the smell of the dryer sheets, for example, and if you leave the linen closet doors open, the dryer sheet smell will escape.