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Why Is My Maytag Dryer Making My Clothes Smell Bad?

Liza Hollis

Maytag is one of the leading brands for home and commercial washer and dryers. If you are having problems with your dryer and it is still under warranty, you may want to contact a customer service representative to have your machine looked at. However, even if your dryer is under warranty there could be some charges applied. If your problem is something relatively minor, such as an unpleasant odor coming out of the machine, several issues might be the cause of the smell.

Lint Trap

If your dryer has a strange smell, it could be the result of several different issues.

The dryer lint trap captures excess lint created during the drying cycle. This trap should be emptied after each use to not only remove waste, but also to prevent fires from starting inside the dryer. The source of the smell could be coming from the lint trap, especially if you recently laundered items that are prone to moisture and mildew, such as towels or floor rugs. Toss a scented dryer sheet or cloth sack full of dried herbs to curb the unpleasant smell after washing and drying these items.

Burning Smell

If you can detect a burning smell on your clothing, it could be a problem with the heating mechanism in your dryer. This could be a symptom of a potentially dangerous issue and should not be ignored. One reason for the smell could be that the vent fan is blocked. This will cause the van to work too hard without circulation, causing the motor to overheat and cause the burning smell. Also check for loose rubber insulation which could be absorbing too much heat in the dryer and causing the odor.

Gas Dryers

If the smell you are detecting resembles gas, this could be the sign of a leak which can be very dangerous. If you suspect you have a gas leak, turn off the gas source and unplug the machine, Contact a service representative as soon as possible. Gas dryers also sometimes cause smells in clothing simply due to the air they circulate. They cycle air from the surroundings of the appliance, so if it is located in a musty basement or a place that has been recently chemically treated, these smells could be being absorbed into the clothes.

The Washer

Even though you do not notice the smell until the clothes are dry, the washer could be the cause of the odor. Try adding vinegar or baking soda into the wash cycle to combat the foul smell. The water itself could also contain a sulfur smell that is contaminating your clothes. In this case a new filtered water source may be necessary. Look for small items that could be blocking drain pumps and storing water. As water pools unable to drain, it can absorb other odors and contaminate the clothing.