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How to Get Rid of Candle Wax on Wicker Furniture

Mary Ylisela

A single candle burning in the room changes the atmosphere by adding ambiance and a soft, warm glow. But a candle wax spill onto nearby wicker furniture doesn't have quite the same effect. Melted candle wax isn't difficult to clean up, but the weave in wicker furniture adds complication to the chore.

Wicker's grooves and textures make candle wax cleanup a challenge.

Wax that melts amid the woven wicker is harder to get to than wax that sits on a flat surface. But you can get rid of candle wax on your wicker furniture with cleaning methods and supplies that are effective on textured, wooden surfaces.

  1. Leave the wax on the wicker furniture to solidify. Once it's solid, but still soft, gently scrape off as much candle wax as possible with the dull side of a table knife. Wipe the wax substance on a paper towel and continue this process to remove as much candle wax as you can.

  2. Old newspaper makes a handy substitute for plastic dropcloths.
  3. Lay newspaper underneath the wicker furniture to catch any candle wax drips. Hold a hairdryer one foot above the wicker and turn it onto the lowest heat setting. Soften the candle wax until it liquefies.

  4. Wipe the softened candle wax off the wicker with a paper towel. Tend to both the top and underside of the furniture as melted wax will drip downward. Repeat this step to remove the remaining candle wax substance.

  5. Absorb the greasy residue left by the candle wax. Cover the stained area of the wicker furniture with talcum powder. Use a clean paintbrush to work the powder into the grooves of the wicker. Add more powder if needed.

  6. Leave the powder in place for 20 minutes to absorb grease. Remove the talcum powder by vacuuming it off with an upholstery attachment.

  7. Vinegar cuts through greasy stains.
  8. Pour 1 cup of water into a bucket. Add 1 cup of white vinegar. Wet a sponge with the diluted vinegar solution; do not wring it out.

  9. Scrub the surface of the wicker furniture, allowing the excess vinegar solution to drip through the wicker to the newspaper below. Wash the underside of the furniture, too, to remove the last traces of candle wax residue.

  10. Rinse the wicker with a damp cloth. Pat-dry the furniture to remove excess moisture. Allow your wicker furniture to air-dry out of direct sunlight.


Make cleanup easier by moving small wicker furniture pieces outdoors before removing the candle wax.


Be careful when wiping up melted candle wax as it gets hot and can burn your skin.