How to Remove Wood Stains From Vinyl Window Frames

Amanda Hevener

Vinyl window frames are sturdy and built to withstand various weather conditions for many years. But like any other part of your home's exterior, vinyl window frames can become marred or damaged. For example, you may accidentally get stain or paint on your window frame while you're going over your wood trim.

Because vinyl can easily get scratched or discolored, you shouldn't use paint stripper or steel wall to remove wood stain from vinyl. Fortunately, an all-purpose cleaner combined with some elbow grease will do the job.

  1. Wipe off the stain smudge with a damp rag if the stain is still wet. Dry the frame with a clean rag.

  2. Spray a quarter-sized amount of all-purpose cleaner onto a scrubber sponge.

  3. Gently scrub the wood stain on the vinyl window frame with the sponge until it is dissolved. Add more all-purpose cleaner if necessary.

  4. Wash the window frame with soapy water. Rinse well with water. Dry with a soft towel.