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How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Fleece

Jessica Jewell

Fleece is a light, synthetic material originally developed by the Malden Mills Industries in the 1970s. It is an alternative to wool, and due to its durability, lightness and good insulation, fleece is used by many clothing manufactures for outdoor apparel.

If you accidentally stained your fleece item with permanent marker, you can remove it as you would any felt-marker fabric stain, provided that you utilize the proper cleaning method.

  1. Lay the fleece, with the stain facing down, on several clean paper towels. If your fleece item is a jacket, put the paper towels inside the jacket, just underneath the area of the permanent marker stain.

  2. Dab the area around the stain with a sponge moistened with rubbing alcohol. As you dab, gradually work your way into the stain so that you are directly dabbing the stain.

  3. Change the paper towels out for new, clean paper towels as the rubbing alcohol and ink begin to soak into the old paper towels.

  4. Rinse the fleece item with clean water when you remove all of the ink from the fleece.

  5. Launder your fleece in a washing machine or tub with a general-purpose laundry detergent and extremely hot water.

  6. Remove the fleece from the washing machine or tub and allow it to air dry.