How Can I Get Rid of Birds on My Patio?

Jim Radenhausen

You may enjoy watching birds in their natural outdoor environment—but not at the expense of them converging on your patio and regularly using that space as a bathroom.

If you want to stop birds from making themselves feel right at home on your patio, try some of the following humane methods to remove your otherwise fine-feathered friends.

Spikes and Netting

Whether it is geese, pigeons, sparrows, woodpeckers or smaller birds that frequent your patio, do not resort to using toxic chemicals, poisons or gunfire (which is illegal within cities). Not only are such methods inhumane, but you could cause damage to specimens other than birds. Some methods will cost more than others, depending on what you choose, and you may see varying results with each.

If you have a patio cover with a rough surface, put a bird spike/strip on it; you can also cover your roof and awning with the needle strips. Large birds such as pigeons and seagulls may avoid landing, roosting and nesting in spots where you place metal spikes or wires. In turn, the spikes should eliminate droppings that end up on your patio. While spikes may be a bit pricey, you may end up saving money in the long run, as you will not have to deal with damages to your patio and patio furniture caused by pigeon droppings.

Another possibly pricey option is placing bird netting or stainless steel wire-mesh fencing over areas from which you want to keep birds. You can cover an area with a plastic mesh net or copper mesh cloth. The latter comes in rolls that you stuff into openings or pack into cracks or holes. Hanging bird netting or wire mesh under eaves could repel birds from taking residence above or near your patio.

Traps and Repellents

Compared with some other methods, trapping birds is less expensive. Select an area on your patio from which to leave food for birds, and then place a bird motel trap in that spot after a few days. If you leave the doors open, birds will learn to walk in and out of it. Once birds adjust to this feeding arrangement, set the trapdoors to close. Trapped birds (for which you should supply water) will help attract more birds to the area. From there, you can start another motel trap.

If you need professional assistance trapping birds, and thereafter removing them from your property, visit www.aaanimalcontrol.com/Professional-Trapper/nationwide-trappers.htm.

If you want to use a nonharmful repellent to get rid of birds and keep them away from your patio area, conduct an online search of companies to find products at an affordable price. Visit www.thomasnet.com and search directories by the bird-deterrent product you desire.

Natural Methods

If you enjoy feeding birds, set up a feeder a good distance away from your patio; maintaining a feeder elsewhere should help keep birds away from your patio area.

Birds may be less inclined to visit your patio if they see other birds there. Decorate your patio area with bird silhouettes that may scare other birds. You can buy cardboard or plastic decoys in an agricultural center or a hardware store. If it's troublesome small birds you want to evict, use a decoy that's significantly larger than the species you want to keep off your patio.