How to Attach Bamboo Fencing

Laura Leiva

If you are tired of your plain chain link, wood or concrete wall, attaching bamboo fencing to your existing material is easy to do. Bamboo is a natural material and an environmentally friendly resource to use, and it enhances the look of the entire yard or garden.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material.

Whether you want to add privacy to your yard or simply improve the look of your landscaping, bamboo is an affordable and sturdy product to use outdoors.


  1. Lay out the roll of bamboo fencing along the length of the fence. This will help it flatten out before attaching.

  2. Flatten the bamboo along your existing fencing and raise it up 1 inch from the ground to prevent the wood from soaking up moisture from the soil.

  3. Predrill a hole in the bamboo fencing and then screw in the wood screws to secure. Alternate every 12 inches, securing both the top and bottom of the bamboo roll to the wood fencing. Check with a level as you secure the fencing to make sure everything is even.

  1. Flatten out the bamboo roll along the length of the chain link fence. Next, place the bamboo roll against the fence, 1 inch from the ground.

  2. Cut the tie wire to approximately 6 inches with a wire cutter and string each end through a seam in the bamboo roll.

  3. Twist the galvanized wire around a link in the fence with pliers. Secure the top and bottom of the fencing every 12 inches and use a level to ensure the fence is even.


  1. Secure a 2-by-4 pressure treated plank to the top and bottom of the stone wall using a power actuated tool.

  2. Flatten the bamboo roll against the wall. Predrill holes in the bamboo and secure the roll to the 2-by-4 using deck screws.

  3. Screw the bamboo fencing to the rails every 12 inches and use a level as you go to make sure the fencing is even.