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How to Secure Lattice Panels to a Chain Link

Don Kress

Lattice panels can be found in a wide variety of patterns, colors and materials. They are useful for gardeners who wish to add privacy to their backyard without completely blocking breezes as would be the result of adding a privacy fence to their back yard.

You can attach lattice to a metal fence using only zip ties.

Lattice panels can be easily installed over the metal mesh of chain link fences to effectively dress up the appearance of the fence.

  1. Hold the lattice panel against the chain link fence so that the metal links are aligned and hidden behind the lattice boards.

  2. Pull a plastic zip tie through one of the holes in the lattice and around the chain link fence, then through the adjoining lattice hole. Insert the end of the zip tie through the head of the tie, and pull it tight to secure it in place.

  3. Add additional zip ties every two feet to secure the lattice to the fence. Use a pair of wire cutters to trim the tails of the zip ties for a clean appearance.

  4. Cut the lattice to fit the chain link fence using a hand saw.


Use plastic lattice panels for ease of cleaning and maintenance.