What Can I Spray on My Outdoor Flags to Keep Them From Fading?

Nick Davis

Sunlight, rain, snow and other weather elements are harsh on your outdoor flags. A fabric protectant spray that contains a waterproofing agent and agents that guard against ultraviolet rays, dirt and mildew will help keep your outdoor flags from fading.

It is not hard to protect your outdoor flag from weather elements.

Aerosol fabric protectants are available at retail superstores, hardware stores and home improvement stores, as well as online outlets.


The agents in fabric protectants help extend your outdoor flag’s life and block UV light from the sun that not only fades the flag’s fabric but also causes the fabric’s fibers to deteriorate over time. The protectants also provide a layer of resistance to moisture, stains and spills. Fabric protectants will help preserve other outdoor items as well, including rugs, cushions and awnings.


Lay your outdoor flags on a clean, flat surface, such as a table, workbench or concrete slab. Wipe the flags clean with a soft cloth or towel to remove any loose dust and dirt. Spray the fabric protectant in a hidden area and then wipe it off with a white absorbent cloth to test the chemical. If the flag’s color rubs off onto the white cloth, do not use the protectant. Purchase a protectant that clearly states it is safe to use on colored fabrics.


Hold the fabric protectant can 6 to 12 inches from the fabric and spray an even, thin coat. Let the fabric protectant air dry for 20 minutes or the recommended time on the instructions. Turn the flags over and repeat the application for the other side. Apply another layer of protectant after both sides are dry.


Reapply fabric protectant to your outdoor flags every three months or the recommended time in the instructions to protect flags from the elements and UV light. If you live in a warm climate, reapply fabric protectant to your flags more frequently.