How to Build a Solar Powered Water Fountain

How to Build a Solar Powered Water Fountain. A solar powered water fountain is one that runs without electricity from the standard mechanisms. Rather, it collects solar energy from the sun's rays and stores it in the cells of a solar panel. When you turn the water fountain on, the stored energy is used to power it.

There are several ways you can build a solar powered water fountain, including using kits.


Read all warnings, instructions and information provided by the water fountain manufacturer, the pump manufacturer and the solar cell manufacture before beginning.

  1. Sketch out the type of water fountain you would like. Then, make a choice of purchasing a pre-made fountain or designing your own. Purchase the pump for the solar water fountain if you are making your own, otherwise, a water fountain kit contains the accurate pump size.

  2. Learn what the pump needs including the power requirement expressed in watts. Look into the electrical specifications of the pump as well, which is included with the documentation of the pump you've selected. Most fountains run off a standard outlet, which means 60 Hz AC (alternating current).

  3. Purchase the appropriate solar panel that matches the electrical needs and specifications of the solar powered water fountain. Again, any fountain can be transferred into a solar powered one with the purchase of a solar power cell, readily available through many hardware stores, or online.

  4. Assemble the water fountain with the pump as directed by the manufacturer. Then, connect the solar powered cell to the water fountain in the same way that you would plug the water fountain into a standard wall outlet. A correctly purchased solar cell should power the fountain in a test.

  5. Position the solar powered water fountain in the correct location. Most solar cells require six to eight hours worth of daylight in order to store enough energy in the cell to power the water fountain. Check the position of the water fountain to assure that enough sunlight is reaching it.