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How to Put a PT 808L1 Submersible Fountain Together

Irene A. Blake

Many designers, homeowners, renters and event planners are using tabletop waterfall-style fountains in their decor because of their beauty and ability to mimic natural water flow. The PT-PT808L1 submersible pump in your HoMedics Envirascape Mini Wall Illuminated fountain moves water up through the fountain and down the wall to re-create this look and the sound of water flowing over stone. The fountain contains few parts and doesn't require tools for assembly. Whether you're setting up the fountain for personal use or an event, you can put this fountain together in minutes.

Step 1

Position the base of your HoMedics Envirascape fountain on a level surface.

Step 2

Locate the light clip on the base and insert the light bulb into it.

Step 3

Prepare the pump, without plugging it in, by rotating the pump switch in the direction of the "+" sign -- the direction for faster water flow -- until you can't move the switch.

Step 4

Pick up the wall and platform top of the fountain with one hand and turn it so you can see the water tube underneath the platform. Align the water outlet on the pump with the water tube and then push the outlet on to the tube to attach the pump underneath.

Step 5

Turn the wall and platform top upright and hold it above the base

Step 6

Run the pump cord through the cutout on the back of the base and then lower the wall and platform on to it.

Step 7

Pour water into the fountain until the water level is past the light bulb.

Step 8

Spread the included stones, or your own natural stone or glass pebbles, around on top of the platform.

Step 9

Connect the pump cord to the AC adapter and then plug the adapter into a wall outlet.

Step 10

Check the pump speed. If it's too fast, unplug the AC adapter, roll the pump switch toward the "-" direction slightly -- the direction for less water flow -- and then plug the AC adapter into the outlet again.

Step 11

Move the fountain close enough to the wall where you have it plugged into the outlet so that the power cord isn't taut. Reposition the fountain until the cord hangs in a curve below the outlet to create a "drip loop" -- a bend in the cord that prevents water from dripping down the cord directly into the electrical outlet.

Step 12

Refill the water whenever the water level falls below the light.