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Rival Beverage Fountain Instructions

Meg Butler

The Rival Beverage Fountain has three tiers, holds up to 2.5 gallons of liquid and creates bubbles and a mini light show when plugged in. It is also easy to assemble and use; no tools are required. Simply slide the pieces onto the base in the appropriate order and you're ready to serve beverages.

As you read the Rival Beverage Fountain's instructions, keep the manual handy so that you can correctly identify its parts.

Assembling the Rival Fountain

  1. Set the beverage fountain's base down on a flat, level surface.

  2. Place the Rival bowl on top of the base so that the valve nipple on the bottom of the bowl threads into the water pump input hole on the base. When properly threaded, the other four notches on the bottom of the bowl will align with the corresponding grooves on the base. Once properly aligned, press the bowl's rim down firmly with your hands to securely attach it to the base.

  3. Slide the widest end of the inner tube over the water pump outlet protruding from the center of the bowl.

  4. Slide the widest end of the outer tube over the inner tube. Once it is in place, turn it clockwise until it snaps into place.

  5. Set the large tier flat on the table. Press the base of each of the small included domes (four) over each stem on the surface of the large tier.

  6. Slide the large tier over the outer tube, followed by the medium tier, the flow collar (the double arroows on the flow collar should face upward) and the small tier. The tiers and the flow collar will rest, not lock, in place in their appropriate position on the outer tube.

  7. Turn the medium tier so that its spouts are directly over the domes in the large tier below it. Rotate the small tier so that its spouts are not directly above the medium tier's spouts (to create a waterfall effect).

Operating the Rival Fountain

  1. Pour up to 1.5 gallons of beverage into the fountain's bowl. The rival fountain must have liquid in it before it is turned on.

  2. Plug the power cord's transformer into the electrical outlet. Then plug its connector into the fountain's base. When the fountain is correctly assembled and properly functioning, the beverage will flow up through the outer tube and over the tiers. Bubbles will emerge and the innertube will light. If one or more of these things do not happen, unplug the Rival beverage fountain and empty the liquid into a large container. Dry the parts, re-assemble them then add the beverage again. If the fountain still does not work, contact Rival's customer support center.

  3. Add an additional gallon of beverage to the Rival fountain if desired. As the fountain is used, continue to add beverage as desired as long as the total volume remains under 2.5 gallons.

  4. Empty the Rival fountain's bowl to less than half full before unplugging the fountain.

  5. Unplug the transformer from the wall, then unplug the connector from the base. Disassemble the parts and wash them.


Make sure that the surface that the fountain sits upon is completely level. If it is not, the fountain will not function properly. The Rival Beverage Fountain occasionally produces a light mist. Rival recommends placing a washable tablecloth underneath it to protect the linen from mist as well as accidental spills and drips. Any beverage added to the fountain must not contain more than 50 percent carbonation. Wash the bowl, inner and outer tube, tiers, cups and ladle in the dishwasher (or hand wash them with warm, soapy water) before your first use of the fountain and after each use. Wipe the base down with a soft damp or dry cloth to clean it. Never immerse it in liquid.