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Kitchen Crop Sprouter Directions

Kimberly Johnson

The Kitchen Crop Sprouter is a device manufactured by Victorio Kitchen Products that allows you to grow and harvest your own sprouts. It contains three different levels, which allows you to grow multiple types of sprouts simultaneously. The stacked design saves counter space and requires only seed and water to begin growing. After the sprouts reach the desired height, each tray serves as a storage unit for the sprouts until you are ready to eat them.

  1. Set the base of the Kitchen Crop Sprouter on the counter in a room temperature location that receives bright light. Place one of the clear plastic trays on top of the base. Insert one white, circular cap on top of the center siphon hole and then spread 1/2 tbsp. of any type of sprout seeds, such as bean sprouts or alfalfa, into the tray evenly.

  2. Insert the second tray on top of the bottom one, insert a cap in the center siphon tube and add anther 1/2 tbsp. of seed.

  3. Insert the third, and final, tray on top of the middle one, insert a cap in the center siphon tube and add anther 1/2 tbsp. of seed.

  4. Pour cold tap water into the top tray until it reaches 1/2 inch below the top of the rim.

  5. Place the cover on top of the upper tray. The water will slowly seep down through the siphon until it evenly waters all trays.

  6. Wait six to eight hours and then lift all the trays off of the base. Pour excess water out of the base and reassemble the sprouter. Repeat the watering process just as did previously. Watering must be performed twice per day.

  7. Examine the trays in two to five days, which is when the sprouts are ready to eat. Remove any trays that are ready to consume and place them directly into the refrigerator for storage.