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How Much Liquid in the Washing Machine Balance Ring?

Lucy Friend

A top-load washing machine balance ring assists in balancing the inner tub during spin cycles. When the washing machine tub spins, the balance ring keeps it straight. Some washing machine models are designed with a liquid-filled balance ring, because the liquid flows allowing for better centering of the inner tub.


The balance ring is located inside the inner tub.

Each balance ring is different. There’s no standard amount of liquid in each washing machine model. The amount of liquid in the balance ring is based on the design of the machine, its capacity and its functions. A balance ring typically has small compartments inside it, each filled with water and slots for the water to flow from one compartment to another.


The balance ring is filled with liquid and sealed during the manufacturing process. It’s then assembled into the machine along with all of the washing machine’s other parts. Washing machine and parts manufacturers don’t provide the amount of liquid in the balance ring because it’s prefabricated.

How to Determine

The simplest way to determine how much liquid is in a balance ring is its shipping weight. If a replacement part is available, check the shipping weight of the replacement part. Weigh an empty balance ring and compare the difference by subtracting the weight of the empty balance ring from the shipping weight of the replacement balance ring.


If a washing machine’s balance ring breaks and the liquid empties out, it’s best to replace the balance ring. Many manufacturers have the balance ring part or recommend a replacement part if the original part is not available. If the balance ring isn’t filled and sealed properly, it could damage the washing machine and cause other parts to break.