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Moen Faucet O-Ring Sizes

Will Gish
Table of Contents

Determining the size of your Moen faucet's O-ring is simple. You can either check your O-ring's ID number, measure the size yourself or take your O-ring to a hardware store.

Moen Faucet O-Ring Sizes

A leaky sink faucet is annoying and potentially dangerous. After all, water spillage from a leaking sink can cause serious damage to your counter or floor. If a worn O-ring causes a leak on your Moen faucet, you can easily replace the piece with a new one. O-rings are rubber rings placed within the structure of your faucet assembly, and they assume numerous sizes. Determining the size of your Moen faucet O-ring may simply require some research or calculations.

O-Ring Sizes

O-ring manufacturers follow a standardized sizing method to ensure that you or a plumber can easily replace any leaking O-ring with a generic part. This makes replacement easy and quick, saving the time and trouble required to special order rings from a specific manufacturer. Hundreds of standard O-ring sizes exist, identifiable by various types of ID numbers. O-ring sizes range from 0.029 inches to 2.337 inches. This measurement indicates the size of the inside diameter of the ring circle.

Moen Faucets

Each model or series of Moen faucet conforms to different dimensions, meaning that each of these faucets ostensibly comes with a different size of O-ring. However, Moen standardizes some dimensions. For instance, replacement O-rings for single-handle Moen faucets fit on all such faucets. To determine the size of the O-rings on your Moen faucet, look through your faucet manual or contact Moen for an ID number. The ID number may also appear on the O-ring itself. These numbers assume numerous forms, from fractions such as 1/32 to numbers beginning with AS568. Compare this number to an O-ring size chart, available for free online, to find the exact size of your O-ring.

Measuring Your O-Ring

If you do not have your faucet manual, there is another way to determine your O-ring's size. First, place the O-ring on a clean, flat surface. Next, use a ruler to measure from one inner edge to another. Do the same from one outer corner to another, to measure the outside diameter. Finally, measure the cross-section by placing the O-ring into a vernier calliper. Clamp the calliper's jaws onto the O-ring, and record the thickness of the ring.

Replacement Moen O-Rings

You can purchase replacement O-rings from various sources, including the company itself. To avoid ordering a replacement O-ring from Moen, visit a hardware store for O-ring options. A hardware store may sell O-rings in packs or individually. Some companies manufacture replacement O-ring kits specifically for Moen faucets. These kits typically come with a variety of O-ring sizes. You can also purchase replacement O-rings based on the make or model of a Moen faucet, in which case you don’t need to know the ring’s size.

Replacing Moen O-Rings

Family Handyman magazine cites Moen as one of the easiest brands to work with when it comes to replacing O-rings. Moen faucets contain cartridge style assemblies, in which each piece is smaller than the next in the assemblage, and they fit into one another like nesting dolls. When replacing a Moen O-ring, turn off the water supply to your sink before doing anything else.

Keep in mind that you can always defer to a plumber to help determine your O-ring size or fix your Moen faucet.