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GROHE Faucet Repair Parts

Steve Smith

If you own a Grohe faucet, there are a select number of faucet parts you can use during faucet repair. These parts include everything you need to fix most common problems, from leaking to water flow and control problems. If you are an experienced handyman or a newbie, use these parts to get the job done right.


The most important faucet repair part for the Grohe line of faucets is the cartridge. This is the part containing the washer seals for the hot and cold water. It is installed with two screws on most Grohe kitchen faucets and with a bonnet in bathroom shower faucets. Replacing this part solves problems with leaks and unbalanced water temperature, because that problem is a result of faulty or worn-out faucet seals. Replace it by removing the handle and bonnet and inserting a new cartridge into the faucet head.

Handles and Covers

Grohe faucets also have handles and covers for the cartridge. These parts are replaceable and available through the manufacturer or a plumbing parts dealer. Replace them when they are pitted, rusted or worn out. Though they do not affect the faucet in terms of performance for the most part, they do improve the look and appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. Most handles are attached with a screw and, once removed, the handle comes right off. Covers or trim sleeves slide right off after the handle is removed.

Spouts and Aerators

The spout and aerator are two additional parts often replaced. The spout, the part where the water comes out, may sustain damage to the exterior due to frequent use, pitting or corrosion. The aerator is the round tip fitted into the spout with a wire mesh screen to add air to your water stream as it flows out. This often clogs with sediments or becomes corroded. The spout is removed by taking off the handle and lifting it off the base, while the aerator is unscrewed and replaced with a new one.