How to Set Up a Wall Suction Canister

Tammy Clevenger

A wall suction canister is utilized as a medical appliance to drain wounds. Setting up a wall-mounted suction canister requires that a ring assembly be attached to the wall via a wall mount. Once the ring assembly is attached to the wall, the canister is then dropped into the ring assembly.

The ring assembly supports the canister for use on the patient’s wound. Make sure that the canister is the proper size and model to fit into the wall-mounted ring assembly. Wear sterilized gloves while attaching the canister to the canister top. The ring top (Guardian and Flex Advantage models) are shipped with a wall mounting plate with four pre-drilled mounting holes.


Always wear sterile gloves when installing medical supplies. Always make sure your hands are clean when installing medical equipment.

  1. Hold the wall mounting plate on the wall where the plate is to be mounted. Mark the wall using the pencil, through each of the four screw holes on the mounting bracket.

  2. Drill a hole where the screws will attach to the wall, inside each pencil mark.

  3. Align the wall mounting plate with the holes in the device matching up with the drilled holes in the wall. Hold the wall mounting plate in place on the wall and screw each of the four screw in by hand. Screw the screws as far as they will go.

  4. Screw each of the four screws all of the way into the wall using a screwdriver or a drill with the screwdriver bit attached. Make sure the wall mounting bracket tightly and securely fits against the wall.

  5. Slide the ring assembly onto the wall mount. See the device instructions for a complete explanation regarding how to do this. However, the process is pretty simple. The ring assembly has a piece attached that will easily slide over the wall mount, securely holding the ring assembly in place.

  6. Drop the canister into the ring assembly. The ring assembly holds the canister by the lip on the top of the canister.

  7. Attach the canister cover to the wall-mounted canister. The canister cover holds the tubing and encloses the canister. Make sure the drain tube is pointing inside the canister, and the tube that will connect to the patient’s wound assembly is on the outside of the canister cover. The third tube, which is located on the outside of the canister cover, connects to the suction machine. See the device’s instructions to verify and connect the tubing.