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How to Remove a Moen Shower Diverter

John Stevens J.D.

A Moen shower diverter valve operates to direct the flow of water to either the tub's spout or to the showerhead. The diverter valve is the middle of the three handles which attach to the wall, and uses a compression stem and a single washer. The failure of a diverter valve to properly seal the water's passageway can typically be traced to a defective washer. Thankfully, removing a defective diverter valve takes only a few minutes and Moen's replacement valves are commonly found at most home improvement stores.

  1. Turn off the water supply at the main shutoff valve near the water meter.

  2. Remove the handle which actuates the diverter valve by first withdrawing the single screw located in the center of the handle with a Phillips screwdriver, then by pulling the handle away from the diverter valve.

  3. Pry the chrome escutcheon plate off of the shower's wall with the blade of a flathead screwdriver.

  4. Remove the bonnet nut from the diverter valve. The bonnet nut is what holds the valve's stem within the stem assembly, and can be removed with a wrench.

  5. Attach an appropriate sized deep-socket to a socket wrench, then slide the socket over the diverter valve. Use the socket wrench to turn the diverter valve's stem assembly in a counterclockwise direction until the valve is free. Pull the diverter valve out of the wall to complete the removal.