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How to Make Outdoor Fountain Bases

Karen Lawson

Making an outdoor water fountain can be a lot of fun. It can also add elements of style, creativity and elegance. Water features and fountains can be very diverse and the possibilities are endless. To begin, choose a leakproof base that will not rust. If it will be visible, you'll also want to tie it in to the rest of the fountain.

How to Make Outdoor Fountain Bases

Step 1

Select a material for your base. Anything that will not rust and is leakproof is acceptable. Some examples include glass, pottery, plastic, ceramic, stone or cement. It must be deep enough to house at least 5 inches of water and a pump that delivers the desired flow in accordance to the height of your fountain. Another option for a base is to dig a pit or hole and insert a plastic container or basin into it and have everything contained underground. Use threaded copper pipe and a bigger pump for this.

Step 2

Attach the tubing or copper pipe in the manner indicated for your size pump. Place it into the base; you may want to weight it down using rocks. Cover with water, plug in the pump and turn it on to verify it is working properly. Add rocks and plants to the base or build it up or out as far as you like. Depending on the size of your pump and whether you are placing it in the ground, you may want to use gravel in the base under the pump as a filter. It is not necessary when you are making a smaller-scale fountain.

Step 3

Buy enough tubing or pipe to carry the water to its desired destination. If the plan for your outdoor fountain is more involved and you intend to have a larger or more elaborate fountain, you may also require a somewhat bigger pump. Once you are finished with your fountain, adjust water flow by turning the valve on the pump.