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How to Pump Water Uphill From a Pond

Ma Wen Jie

There are a myriad of reasons that you might want to pump water uphill from a pond. If you have created an ornamental waterfall or creek, you may want to simply move water from the pond to the start of your ornamental waterfall or stream. You may need to move water from a pond to a pasture that is both a good distance away and uphill from the pond. Pumping water uphill from your pond is not difficult, however, remember that moving a quantity of water uphill requires a stronger pump than moving the same quantity of water along flat land. How much larger the pump will need to be will depend on the height and distance you will be pumping the water.

Electric pumps are a better choice than hand pumps to move water uphill.
  1. Affix the filter assembly to a piece of the flexible piping or hose. The exact process will vary, depending on the design of the filter. In most cases, the filter will look like a cage lined with screen. The purpose of the filter is to keep leaves and other organic matter from fouling your pump.

  2. Drop the end of the flexible pipe with the filter into the pond and run the piping to the location where you will install the pump. Cut the flexible pipe or hose to length with a utility knife.

  3. Affix the pipe to the water intake on the pump. How this is done will depend on the design of the pump and the piping.

  4. Run a length of the flexible pipe or hose from the pump to the final destination of the water. Cut the pipe or hose to length with a utility knife and affix one end to the water outlet on the pump.

  5. Run an extension cord from a power source to the pump and plug in the pump.

  6. Turn the pump on to pump the water from the pond up the hill to its final destination. If your pump does not move water, it could be that your pump is too weak. Try using a stronger pump.