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How to Clean a Water Pump Water Filter

Carole Ellis

Most water pump filters are the same. They sit in the water line right above the pump and collect dirt. In the filter is a screen-like barricade that blocks all the dirt, but still lets the water flow through. If you are noticing a high amount of pressure in your water lines it is time to clean the filter.

  1. Turn off the water pump. When you do this, open the air pressure valve to allow the build up air flow out of the water lines. The valve should be on the pump right near where you can switch it on and off. Simply turn it to the left to open it.

  2. Unroll your garden hose. Stick the end of the hose into the air flow valve port you just opened. Do not turn the hose on at this time.

  3. Turn or press your multi-port valve from filter to backwash. Both should be clearly labeled in your pump, and you should be able to just switch the position to the opposite position from the position you found it in.

  4. Let the water run through the pump to clean out the filter. Turn on the water pump. Turn on the hose all the way. You need as much water as you can get. Allow the process to work for about five minutes.

  5. Turn the water hose off and your water pump. Remove the hose and close the air valve.

  6. Turn or press your multi-port valve from backwash to filter. Turn the water pump on. You will immediately be able to notice how much less pressure there is now in your water lines.