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How to Prime a Jet Water Pump

Annie Walton Doyle

A jet water pump is the method through which water can delivered. However, for a pump to work, it must first be primed - whether it's a new device or has just been switched off for a while. Priming a well pump is relatively easy, but is absolutely essential for good water pressure.

How to Prime a Jet Water Pump

Your water jet pump is hugely important for delivering water to your house. However, if you’re replacing it with a new one, or it has been switched off for a long time, it may need to be primed before it can properly work.

What Is A Jet Water Pump?

A jet pump is a method of delivering water and water pressure to a household. Some popular brands of pumps include Goulds, Red Jacket and Myers. Jet pumps rely on water pressure, and air in the pump can interfere with water delivery. To counter this, pumps need to be primed before using.

What Is Priming?

Priming a jet water pump simply means preparing it for delivering water. With most jet pumps, you’ll only need to rime them once. They will then automatically prime themselves when needed.

Priming refers to flushing the pump with water and forcing the water through. This creates the pressure needed for the pump to begin working.

Priming A Well Pump

To prime a jet water pump you’ll first need to turn it off, for safety reasons. Locate the priming plug on your pump, and unfasten this plug.

Next, fill the entire pump with water through the priming plug. Make sure the entire pump is filled, including the suction pipe. You can use a hose for this, however make sure it’s safe for household water. Some older gardening hoses can contain dangerous substances like lead.

You should never turn on a pump when it is empty, even though they can take in water. Running an empty pump can cause serious damage.

Loosely refasten the priming plug. It can be tightened later. Turn on the pump to check it’s working. It should run until its cycle is finished and then turn off by itself. If it does, you can tighten up your priming plug and enjoy your primed pump.

If your jet water pump won’t prime, repeat the process. Some pumps take more than one priming session in order for all the air to be removed from the suction pipe. Removal of air is what’s needed for the pump to start functioning properly. Repeat the process a few times in order to check.

If your water pump still isn’t priming, check the entire item for any signs of damage. Over time, pumps can become worn out and unable to prime. Ensure that any bolts and screws are in place and fully tightened.

Another issue can be that the water tank pressure is above the pump’s cut out pressure. Check your tank, and adjust accordingly.