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How to Troubleshoot a Unidose Chlorine Pump

Dan Harkins

TMI's Uni-Dose electronic metering pump is made to condition water mostly for swimming pools in 15- or 35-gallon storage tanks first. If this is your primary way of conditioning your water and your pump starts to malfunction, this could lead to rust, lime deposits and other sour-water problems. A few troubleshooting steps could help get your Uni-Dose self-priming pump back to work.

  1. Unplug your pump and plug a working device into the same outlet power. If it works, unplug it and plug your pump back in. If it still won't power on, call TMI at (215) 293-0401. You may need a new pulser and this has to be replaced by a service technician.

  2. Inspect for leaks, cracks or crimping in any of the clear vinyl tubing. If any is seen, unplug the pump and turn the priming valve counterclockwise to drain the tubing. Cut the tubing on both sides of the damage and replace it with new tubing and crimpers. Plug in your pump.

  3. Attempt to prime the pump. Using the top dials, set your pump to 80 percent speed and 100 percent torque. Open the priming valve by turning it counterclockwise, and the suction tubing should fill with solution from the tank. When the solution starts to leave the pump head, close the valve by turning it clockwise. Unplug the pump; it is now primed.

  4. Recalibrate your Uni-Dose output. Unplug the pump and place the end of your foot valve tubing at the bottom of a beaker filled with 1,000 ml of water. Plug in the pump and let it run until all air is removed from the suction line and all water is drained from the beaker. Unplug the pump and refill the beaker to the same level. Set your speed and torque to an average rate of about 60 percent and 70 percent, respectively. Plug the unit back in again and use a stopwatch to time how long it takes to drain the water in 50 audible strokes. When the water is drained, unplug the pump, refill the water to the same level. Plug the pump back in and try to improve the time it takes to pump out the water by adjusting the speed and torque knobs. If output is too low or high, you may be able to improve this by simply adjusting speed or torque up or down.

  5. Clean your pump and tank. Turn off the pump and slowly lift the foot valve from your storage tank. Put the valve in a clean container of water. Disconnect the discharge line (see references) from the device's injection check valve and put the end of that tubing in an empty bucket. Plug the pump in and the head and tubing will be flushed with clean water.

  6. When the water is drained from the tubing, turn the pump off, take the foot valve from the beaker and put it in a container of approved descaling solution (see References). Turn the pump on and let the cleaner descale the lime deposits for at least five minutes. Turn off the pump and put the foot valve in a bucket of clean water. Plug in the pump again and flush the cleaning solution from the tubing for at least another five minutes. Turn off the pump and return the foot valve to your storage tank.

  7. Tip

    If you continue to experience problems, contact TMI at (215) 293-0401 for a technician's support.