Road Construction Tools

Brian Bores

Road construction is dangerous work that requires specific tools. Jobs cannot be done properly without proper tools. Road construction tools are usually big, powerful and highly efficient. Proper training is required before operating on a job site. Improper use of road construction equipment can easily cause severe injury to workers. Road construction operators are highly trained professionals that get paid highly competitive wages.

Road construction work involves a lot of hard work and special equipment.


Excavators are used for digging and moving large amounts of dirt in a quick and efficient way. Excavators have tracks that act as the wheels and a bucket at the end of a long boom. Controls in the cab allow the excavator to swing 360 degrees, allowing for a lot of versatility. Excavators are designed for off road driving only. The tracks will damage new pavement because of the weight of the machine. Excavators are transported by semi trucks and trailers.

Dump Trucks

Dirt and debris dug up by the excavators are hauled away by dump trucks. These trucks are capable of hauling away large amounts of dirt. Dump trucks are made in different sizes. Large jobs with a lot of dirt moving require several small or a few large dump trucks. Dump trucks are driven on highways and off road to job sites.


Pavers place new pavement on the ground. Pavement needs to be hot and properly mixed when laid. Pavers are highly efficient machines that allow for precise installation of pavement mix. Dump trucks dump the pavement mix into the paver’s hopper. Pavers are slowly driven down the area dug out specifically for laying down the pavement mix. Paying attention to small details is essential to operating a paver.


The pavement mix is loose when laid down by the paver. Rollers compact and smooth the mix. Roller operators need a lot of patience; they must move slowly over the hot pavement mix. Rollers usually follow behind the dump trucks that dump the hot pavement mix into the paver’s hopper.