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How to Make a Road Using a Bulldozer

Jagg Xaxx

The process of building a road can be simple and straightforward, or tremendously expensive and complicated, depending on the type of road being built.

Bulldozers move large amounts of earth with little trouble.

While a farm or logging road is essentially a flattened area on the ground that has been cleared of obstructions, an interstate highway is a highly evolved piece of engineering. Despite their differences, bulldozers are central to the construction of both these types of road.

  1. Cut down large trees that are in the path of the road before using the bulldozer. If you push trees over with the bulldozer, they may land on top of the bulldozer and kill you.

  2. Knock stumps out of the way with the blade of the bulldozer. Push them off to the side to get them out of the way of the road.

  3. Peel away the topsoil by pushing it with the bulldozer blade. If the road is on a slope, push the soil downhill rather than uphill, taking advantage of gravity rather than working against it.

  4. Smooth out the surface of the road by driving over it with the bulldozer, keeping the blade at a constant height.

  5. Spread gravel over the surface of the road using the bulldozer. Drive over the gravel with the bulldozer to compact it. The compacted gravel stabilizes the surface of the road, making it less likely to wash out in a rainstorm.