What Is a Pat Blade on a Dozer?

Karin Barga

Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) bulldozer blades provide blade angling and tilting from the driver’s seat. These type blades are primarily used in grading, back-filling, land-clearing and spreading operations.

What Is a Pat Blade on a Dozer?


PAT blades are powered to lift, angle and tilt in virtually every desired direction. The shape of an individual blade determines its best working purpose, with the blade-to-ground angle of intersection directly related to the blade curvature. Most PAT blades operate by use of a joystick located within the dozer cab.


Some dozers come equipped with 8-way blades, though the 4- and 6-way are most common. 6-way blades are truly Power-Angle-Tilt capable while 4-way blades usually lack angling properties. The additional movement potential of the 6-way blade, including rotation and tilting, make it preferable for spreading dirt and clearing brush.


PAT blades convert dozers into powerful dirt-moving machines. Primary functions of a PAT blade-equipped dozer include ground leveling, scraping, grading and swale cutting.