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How to Remove Trees With a Dozer

Kayar Sprang

If you've never operated a dozer before, it's not child's play. A dozer is a piece of heavy equipment that weighs tons. It has a tremendous amount of power. Getting it to move back and forth, or even left or right, is the easy part.

When it comes to using the dozer to perform an actual task, such as to remove trees, takes skill and knowledge.

  1. Assess the trees you want to remove. Smaller trees with shallow root systems will be easy to clear away. Larger trees with well-established root systems will take more time and effort.

  2. Climb onto the dozer and familiarize yourself with the controls. Put your seat belt on and start the machine. When it's warmed up and ready for operation, head for the trees you're going to clear.

  3. Remove small trees that are 6 inches or less in diameter by using the blade or bucket at an angle that's slightly tilted down. You can lower the blade/bucket all the way down to dig up the shallow root systems. Push forward to dig up the trees by the roots. Raise and straighten the dozer blade/bucket to finish knocking them over.

  4. Remove medium-size trees that measure 6 to 12 inches in diameter by raising the dozer blade/bucket fairly high. Push forward against the trunks to knock over the trees. Back up the dozer. Tilt the blade/bucket down slightly and move forward to dig up any remaining root systems.

  5. Remove large trees by determining if they lean to one direction. If they do, you'll want to push them over in that direction. Raise the blade/bucket as high as possible on the tree trunk. Push forward and knock the trees partially or completely over. Back up the dozer and push forward again to dig up any remaining root systems.

  6. Tip

    Using a dozer that has teeth on the front of the bucket will make digging up tree roots easier.


    Always stay seated and use the seat belt before you start the dozer. Never carry passengers or sit anywhere else on the machine. Operating a dozer means you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. When clearing land that has trees, you should use a dozer that has a cab mounted over the operator's seat for protection.