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How to Remove Exmark Mower Blades

David McKinney

Exmark mowers represent one of the top-selling brands used by commercial lawn-care companies. Keeping your Exmark mower working at optimum performance means doing regular maintenance, including checking the blades daily to determine whether they are dull or nicked.

If such a condition exists, you'll know by the uneven or ragged appearance of the grass after you've mown it. With the right tools, you can remove your Exmark mower blades in as little as 15 minutes.

  1. Lift the mower's front end using hydraulic jacks. Position jack stands beneath the deck once it is elevated high enough to provide access to the blade assembly.

  2. Put work gloves on your hands to protect your fingers and hands from accidental cuts if you come into contact with the mower's blades. Remove the mower's spark plug wire to ensure it won't start while you are removing the mower blades.

  3. Place a block of wood against the blade and deck to prevent the blade from spinning when you remove it. Use an electric impact wrench to unscrew the bolt head.

  4. Set aside the bolt and spring disc washer cone and carefully pull off the blade. Repeat the process for the mower's other blades.


While you have your mower tipped up, it's always a good idea to remove any caked-on grass build up from beneath the mower deck and in the deck discharge chute.