About Fiberglass Home Building Kits

D.C. Winston

Fiberglass home building kits have been popular for decades and continue to gain in popularity for their affordability, energy efficiency and improving technology. They can be built in a wide variety of designs and sizes and are even available in customized orders from some manufacturers.


Homes built with insulated fiberglass panels are energy efficient and can be constructed at a cost savings over traditional stick-built homes. They are faster to build out and structurally as strong as stick construction. Kit fiberglass homes continue to evolve with improved design options, architectural features and are highly adaptable to various sites.


Fiberglass home building is evolving, and a wide range of home designs can be built with these kits in both standard and custom configurations. Some of the key design options to choose from include single or multifamily home; one-story ranch-style home; and multi-story or split level. You should also decide whether you want a crawlspace over the foundation or a full basement.


These kit homes can be constructed by experienced do-it-yourself-ers or can be erected by a hired professional crew. The exterior and interior finishing of walls and rooms and windows and doors is not typically included in these kits, so all of those materials and/or trades are contracted separately and allow for even greater customization.


Fiberglass home kits range in average cost from $100 per square foot for a smaller home with a crawlspace to $135 per square foot and upwards for larger homes with a basement. These costs do not include interior finishing materials nor windows and doors.

Where to Buy

Home improvement and big-box retailers sell fiberglass home kits from their stores and retail Web sites. There are many manufacturers that sell directly to the public and another subset that sells through authorized dealers. Conducting research on the Web is your best bet in order to scope out the features and costs that fit your needs.