What Are the Advantages of a Trash Compactor?

Pamela Gardapee

Trash compactors have many advantages that regular garbage bags and cans will not give you. The compactors will take up less space than a garbage can, look better and allow you to combine a week or two of garbage into one bag without worrying about rodents, bugs or smells that come from garbage as it starts to decompose.

Benefits: Saving Space

What Are the Advantages of a Trash Compactor?

The trash compactor can fit under a countertop or it can stand alone in another part of the kitchen or back hall as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. The stand-alone compactors have a nice top on them, which you could easily use the top for a coffeemaker or another smaller kitchen appliance. This means that you don't need to find a place to put the trash cans inside the home.


Even in communities where recycling is done, the trash compactor will come in handy. You can use the trash compactor for regular garbage or use it for recyclables that take up so much room. The only thing that you might not want to place in a compactor for recyclables is large pieces of glass. Aluminum cans and plastic recyclables compact nicely in the trash compactor.


You can use the trash compactor for food garbage and other nonrecyclable garbage. You could compact two weeks' worth of garbage into one 30-lb.bag. There are bag caddies that fit the bags so that you can easily move the compacted bag from the trash compactor to the curb for garbage pickup.


The compactors have filters and deodorizing holders inside the compactor. This will eliminate the smell that can be caused from decomposing foods. Most of the deodorizers spray when the compactor door is closed, which keeps the inside fresh smelling instead of having trash cans sit around the house smelling of anything decomposing inside.

Ease of Use

Compactors are simple to use. Some have a foot petal that you step on to open the door or a handle to pull open the door. When you have enough garbage in the compactor, you press the "Compact" button, and the compactor smashes the garbage down flat and makes more room for more.


If your community needs to see your trash in a clear plastic bag, you can still use the compactor for trash. You can use a clear plastic bag inside the compactor and not use the compacting function. It still hides the trash and the smell, but you just cannot compact the debris.