Information About Tinted House Windows

Tinted house windows provide privacy and energy efficiency. These windows reduce glare and spare your home's interior from baking under the sun's rays. In addition, some kinds of tinting are insulating--keeping the home warmer in the winter. Tinted glass for homes has many benefits and few drawbacks. The money initially spent for these windows should be more than worth it in the long run.


If you want tinted windows in your home, you have three basic options.  You can either have tinting film glued to existing windows, have a tint-coating applied to the windows or have your window glass replaced with tinted glass.


Tinted windows for homes usually have a gray (shades vary) or bronze hue.  The tinted film is usually made of polycarbonate plastic.

Low-e glass coating can provide tinting (although some coatings have no visible tinting) and insulation.  Low-e glass keeps the home warmer in winter by preventing heat from escaping.

Some kinds of low-e glass are filled (between the panes) with argon gas, which is additionally insulating. 


Tinted glass for the home keeps the home cooler in the summer, therefore reducing energy bills.  Also, since tint reduces the sun's glare, it can also spare carpets and upholstery from fading due to sunlight.

Window tinting provides more privacy.  You can keep your shades open and look out, without neighbors looking in.


For best results, if you are having film or coating placed over existing windows, hire a professional.  Tinting film is especially prone to tears and bubbles if applied incorrectly--if you try to do this yourself and are not sure what you are doing, you're likely to have to redo the job later.

If you do choose to do this yourself, make sure the window is as clean as possible before applying the film.  If it isn't, it will have adhesion problems.


Windows tinted with films must be washed carefully, without abrasives--otherwise, you'll scratch the film coating.  Ammonia or solvent-based cleaners will also damage window tint, so be careful what you use.

Use only glass cleaners suitable for tinted glass.