Moen Kitchen Faucet Problems

Overall, users and critics alike gave good ratings to the Moen faucet line.

Low Water Flow

Kitchen FaucetKitchen Faucet
Many owners had had the faucets for some time, and indicated that they generally worked well and had good durability. Some owners, however, did report certain problems with the Moen faucets. For the most part, however, those problems were generalized issues that could occur with faucets from any manufacturer and as such were not, therefore, exclusive issues with the Moen brand faucets.

One problem reported regarding a Moen faucet was a low water flow problem. The cause of this appeared to be some sort of clogging problem at or near the strainer/aerator of the faucet. Typically such a problem is subject to an easy resolution by cleaning of the faucet aerator.

Hot Or Cold Water Only

A user reported on a Moen shower faucet a problem of getting only hot water or only cold water. The shower faucet did not produce the blend of hot and cold water normally used when an individual showers. According to the manufacturer, this was an installation problem in which the knob in the shower head had been installed upside down.

Clogged Shower Head

Another problem reported on Moen faucets is that of a clogged showerhead. Here again, this problem would not apply exclusively to a Moen brand faucet. The resolution to this problem involved a simple procedure for cleaning out the clogged showerhead.

Flow Rate Issues

Another potential problem reported is unsatisfactory flow rate through the faucet. Again, according to the manufacturer, the Government set maximum flow rates in 1992 with the Energy Policy Act. Consequently, if the faucet is running at the maximum allowable flow rate but an individual finds that unsatisfactory, nothing can be done. If the flow rate is below the federally mandated maximum rate, however, the causes include clogging or blockages in the plumbing system.

Faucet Difficult to Operate

Another problem reported about Moen faucets was difficulty of operation of the faucet. The cause of this problem apparently lies with the faucet cartridge. The resolution of the problem, again, per the manufacturer, is removal, lubrication and replacement of the cartridge back into the faucet.

Potential Parts Unavailability

The last problem identified regarding Moen faucets involved older, discontinued models. While the manufacturer stocks repair/replacement parts on many such models, there are some discontinued models for which parts are no longer available at least through the manufacturer. This could pose a problem for owners of discontinued models that generally function adequately but require simple repairs involving replacement parts that they may not be able to obtain.

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