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How to Increase the Water Pressure in a Mobile Home

Michael Davidson

Mobile homes give you most of the comforts of a house or apartment with the added benefit of being portable so you can travel with them. Because mobile homes aren't as durable as homes with foundations, their plumbing is not as durable either and you may have problems with low water pressure. Increasing the water pressure in your mobile home requires some minor modifications of both your valves and your water usage.

Mobile homes can be customized to your personal needs.

Step 1

Examine the water pump for the mobile home and turn it to the highest possible setting to give you the highest pressure it can provide. If the pump is still not providing enough pressure, consider replacing the pump.

Step 2

Check the valves inside the mobile home for the sinks, toilets and showers and open them all the way so they get the highest pressure possible.

Step 3

Limit your water usage so only one device is on at one time. The more water you use at one time, the less water pressure there is for each device. For example, don't flush the toilet or run the faucet if someone is using the shower. Wait until they're finished so each function gets maximum pressure.

Step 4

Replace your faucets and shower heads with higher-pressure models. They are designed to make the most of the pressure available and typically offer more pressure than standard fixtures.