How to Adjust the Pressure in a Lawn Genie L7034 Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve

After installing the Lawn Genie L7034 Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve into your plumbing system you must adjust the pressure in it. This means you need to regulate how hard the water comes out of the valves. The irrigation valve rests inside a canister buried in the ground. You can regulate the pressure on the valve at any time after you install it. Simply remove the cover from the canister and start adjusting.

Step 1

Locate the black flow control screw on the head of the valve and turn it clockwise with a screwdriver until you completely close the valve.

Step 2

Turn on the water supply to the irrigation system via the water shut-off valve.

Step 3

Turn the manual bleeder valve screw counterclockwise. This allows excess water to bleed back into the valve while you adjust the pressure in the valve.

Step 4

Adjust the flow control screw until you are happy with the water pressure coming out of the irrigation valve.

Step 5

Turn the manual bleeder valve screw clockwise, which will turn off the valve

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