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How to Adjust the PSI on a Hotsy Pressure Washer

Steve Brachmann

Hotsy has a varied line of industrial pressure washer applications, featuring pressure washers that can reach 4000 PSI, and some that include heaters for hot water pressure washing. All pressure washers are rated in terms of PSI, or pounds per square inch. If you have installed a replacement unloader valve, or you need to adjust the PSI on your Hotsy pressure washer for a particular job, you can change the PSI level of your pressure washer by adjusting the retaining nut on the unloader valve.

Step 1

Unscrew the wand assembly from the pressure hose of your Hotsy pressure water by rotating the wand until the threaded connection has become unscrewed. Use a wrench if necessary.

Step 2

Install a pressure gauge between the wand assembly and the pressure hose of your Hotsy pressure washer. Make sure to use a pressure gauge that is rated to measure PSI levels in excess of the level of PSI that your Hotsy pressure washer can produce. Screw the pressure gauge into the threaded connection found on the pressure hose, and then screw the wand assembly into the threaded connection found on the pressure gauge.

Step 3

Use a wrench to loosen the locknut of the unloader valve, which is located near the pressure switch assembly of your Hotsy pressure washer. Only loosen it a few inches; do not remove the locknut completely from the unloader valve.

Step 4

Loosen the retaining nut of the unloader valve counterclockwise to decrease PSI, or tighten the retaining nut clockwise to increase PSI, with your wrench. When you have finished, tighten the unloader valve’s locknut until it is snug against the retaining nut.

Step 5

Turn on your Hotsy pressure washer. Point the wand towards an inconspicuous surface, such as a remote patch of ground, which you don’t mind possibly gouging. Pull the wand trigger and note the PSI reading on the pressure gauge. If the PSI reading is not at your desired level, turn off your Hotsy pressure washer and repeat the previous step. Continue until the desired PSI level has been reached.

Step 6

Loosen and remove the pressure gauge from the threaded connections on the wand assembly and pressure hose. Reattach the wand assembly to the threaded connection on the pressure hose and screw it in until snug.