How to Use Grounding Star Washers

C.L. Rease

Proper grounding keeps electrical systems operating correctly. When a ground wire or cable loosens from a grounding point, the electrical system loses grounding. This can result in equipment damage or fire. Star washers use uneven surfaces to increase friction between a fastener and a grounding cable. This keeps the fastener tight and maintains positive contact between the grounding wire or cable and the grounding stud.

Step 1

Align the hole of a grounding cable with the hole for a threaded fastener, or slide the grounding cable over a grounding stud.

Step 2

Slide a star washer onto a fastener or an installed grounding stud. Star washers utilize a standard irregular pattern on both sides, and do not have a front or back side.

Step 3

Apply thread locking solution to the threads of the fastener or stud.

Step 4

Thread a fastener into the aligned threaded hole or onto the threaded grounding stud. Turn the fastener clockwise -- by hand -- to lock the cable in place.

Step 5

Hold the grounding cable in one hand while you tighten the fastener with an adjustable wrench to avoid twisting and possibly kinking the grounding cable.