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Fixing a Delta Shower With Low Water Pressure

Heath Robert

Delta shower heads are generally high-end bathroom fixtures that require a steady amount of water pressure to operate properly. It is sometimes possible to adjust the water pressure at the shower head or by increasing the overall amount of water pressure released from the main water line into your plumbing system. Adjusting the water pressure inside your home has the added benefit of increasing performance at all faucets and also at the sprinkler system.

Adjustments at the Head

Delta shower heads are adjustable for water pressure.

Step 1

Look at your Delta shower head to see whether there is a knob on the side or top. Some models of Delta shower heads, such as the Delta Touch Clean, allow you to increase or decrease the amount of water pressure by turning this knob.

Step 2

Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to decrease water pressure.

Step 3

Turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise to increase water pressure.

Adjusting Overall Water Pressure

Step 1

Locate the water pressure regulator, typically found along the main water line in a crawl space, basement or utility closet.

Step 2

Turn the nut on the valve counterclockwise, using an adjustable wrench to loosen the nut. Turn the nut about three times.

Step 3

Turn the adjustment screw on top of the valve clockwise to increase the amount of water pressure released from the main water line into your plumbing. The performance at the shower and all other plumbing fixtures should immediately improve.

Step 4

Tighten the nut on the regulator after adjusting the water pressure setting.

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