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How to Use a Sensial Water Softener

Maikeisha Cuyler

Many residential consumers have resorted to purchasing water softener systems like the Sensial EM by WaterCare to enhance the quality of drinking water in their homes. The system guarantees improved water quality by removing calcium and magnesium deposits in regular tap water and add sodium ions. The Sensial EM includes a mineral tank to store the resin filter, a brine tank for self-cleaning and an LED display to keep tabs on available water levels and to verify which regeneration cycle the system is completing. A turbine meter measures home water usage while a microprocessor maintains all of the regeneration settings.

The Sensial EM removes calcium from your water, which can eventually form deposits in your shower heads and pipes.

Step 1

Close the main valve of your water supply before beginning the "service" cycle of your Sensial EM water softener. The service cycle is the cycle during which the softening occurs.

Step 2

Set the control valve of the Sensial EM to the bypass position to begin regular operation of the water softener. Wait for the microprocessor unit to activate the meter.

Step 3

Set the timer of the LED display unit to begin the service cycle. Use a time of the day when there is less water usage so that the service cycle is not interrupted.

Step 4

Open the main supply valve that was closed in step 1.

Step 5

Allow the tank to fill slowly until water flows from the drain line.

Step 6

Open the bypass fully, after establishing the flow to drain. Look for discharge. If there is discharge, reduce the flow by controling the valves.

Step 7

To complete maintenance, start an immediate regeneration cycle by moving the control to the backwash position. Slowly shift the bypass valve to the soft water position until water flows. Use the LED display to ensure the system completes the proper regeneration cycles.