How to Troubleshoot an Eco Water Softener EWS 3000

When you receive an error code on an Eco Water Softener, troubleshoot to clear the code and service the water softener. You may receive an error code if the turbine is not functioning properly or the valve is not in the correct position. Test the water hardness to determine if the level requires adjustment. Refer to the EWS 3000 Owner's Manual for troubleshooting tips. The EWS 3000 water softener features a diagnostic menu to help control the turbine and other settings. Trust the self-cleaning functions of the water softener to assist you in preventing calcium buildup and deliver quality drinking water.

The EWS 3000 water softener features a diagnostic menu to guide troubleshooting.

Step 1

Check the bypass valve. Leave the bypass valve in "service" position after verifying that no soft water is available.

Step 2

Disassemble the nozzle, venturi and support screens of the water softener to clean parts. Place the water softener in the "Service" cycle. Use the CLR kitchen cleaner and water to clean the parts. Replace nozzle and venturi first and then replace support screens.

Step 3

Verity if a salt bridge is present, if no soft water is available. Break salt bridge with a spoon and refill salt in storage bin if needed. Also, press "Select" button to display the "Basic Settings" and scroll to highlight "Hardness." Press "Select" to adjust the setting.

Step 4

Check the valve drain hose. Ensure drain hose does not rise too high over the water softener and straighten any bends when no soft water is available.

Step 5

Press the "Select" button to display the "Diagnostics" screen. Press the "Down" arrow to scroll to the "Turbine Count" to verify the turbine is operating. If "0" displays, open a faucet serviced by the water softener and let the count reset after a gallon of water has flowed.

Step 6

Validate the recharge time setting of the water softener. Press the "Select" button to display the main menu. Scroll to "Basic settings," then highlight "Recharge Time." Press "Select," and use the up and down buttons to set the desired time.


  • Do not hesitate to contact a service technician if you notice that the motor stalls or makes a clicking noise. There may be an internal valve fault, which requires a service technician. If you receive error codes "E1," "E3" or "E4," a problem with the electrical wiring of the water softener exists. Contact a service technician immediately.