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How to Clean a Venturi Valve on a Water Softener

Kenneth Crawford

Your water softener removes calcium and magnesium out of the water. A clean venturi valave is necessary to keep the water softener working correctly. The venturi and nozzle create the suction that moves water from the salt storage area to the resin tank during the regeneration cycle. To clean a venturi valve in a water softener, requires placing the water softener in service mode. This prevents water from entering the venturi while you disassemble it for cleaning. Although the disassembly and cleaning process is generally the same among all water softeners, refer to your owners manual for specifics on your brand and model.

Step 1

Pull the by-pass valve to the 'Service" position. The by-pass valve looks like a rod in a sleeve under the water supply pipes going to the water softener. This removes water pressure from the nozzle and venturi.

Step 2

Open the salt cover to locate the tabs securing the top cover to the water softener. The tabs are usually near the back of the salt cover portion of the top cover. Pull the tabs with your fingers while lifting the top cover off the water softener.

Step 3

Unscrew the dome cap on the left of the water softener motor. The cap covers the nozzle and venturi housing. Lift the screen support of the top of the screen. There is a large o-ring on top of the screen support. Do not lose the o-ring. Pull the screen off the top of the nozzle and venturi.

Step 4

Pull the venturi straight off the housing. The venturi is a solid disc with an embedded nozzle. Clean and rinse the venturi in warm water. If necessary use a small stiff brush to scrub away iron or dirt. Rinse the venturi thoroughly in warm water.

Step 5

Place the venturi back into the housing. Place the dome screen over the venturi. Set the screen support around the outside of the screen with the large o-ring on top of the support.

Step 6

Screw the dome cover back over the housing until the cover is hand tight. Place the top cover back over the water softener and press down to engage the locking tabs. Slowly push the by-pass valve to the right.